Al-Asad: Tides of war coming around to our favour

Today, Al-Asad, Syrias current political leader, announced that his military was beginning to take the upper hand in the battle against the rebel force.

He spoke at the university in Damascus today. There he said to the packed audience that things had just started to turn around for the national army. He was pleased to announce his army’s achievement and said that they were becoming increasingly successful against what he refferred to as a terorist force.

His military is teaming up with Hezbollah of the southern Lebanese area against the rebels. Together they had been re-capturing areas that the rebels had taken from him over the last three years. Specifically, this included areas in and around the mountains near the Syria Lebanese border towns located there.

This mile stone has enabled the syrian army to restrict supply routes that are providing the rebels with arms, munitions, food and what ever else they’ve been requiring to carry out their missions. These routes had been trailing along various roads and tracks including the highway that heads off north between damascus and the centre of the syrian country lands, the hom and then over toward the near by sea. It’s at the sea that the rebels are able to bring in arms and munitions effectively from whom ever is supplying them.

However, on a more sombre note, this brings that grand total of people killed during the war to over 150,000. According to the abc online there’s probably no end in sight despite the fact that al asad syria war buildingshas made his claims. He may just be trying to reassure his people. However, they are the ones suffering and it is a real dissapointment to this once great land.

Not only have over 150,000 died but millions more than this have been made to leave their homes to go to safer areas including no fire zones that have been set up to protect them from the fighting. The president has been losing ground over the last three years though. This is mainly due to the efforts of islmist rebels and forces from outside the country coming in to invade.

In July of this year, the leader is set to announce an election. However, his opposing forces of the rebels say that this is not a real election. They say that he is just trying to make himself look good by making out that they have free and fair elections there.

It was only a week ago that the leader of syria was quoted by a Russian official as promising an end to the fighting by the years end.

That very day some one from the neighbouring hezbollah announced that the president of the country did not face a real threat of being toppled and that peace and security will end up being restored.

Then on Sunday at the end of the week or the beginning depending on the way you look at it, his war planes went out and bombed the living day lights out of regions right near the central city of damascus.